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Actor + Writer + Director + Producer + Dancer

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​Nadhege Ptah is a one-of-a-kind artist with a truly diverse background. As an award-winning actor, writer, producer, director, and dancer, she had the unique opportunity to experiment with various media and create a diverse portfolio of astonishing creative works across different forms of expression and platforms. Whether it's a dance choreography, a visual project, or some of her acting work, it's pertinent for Nadhege to tell compelling stories that depict the human condition to connect with the audience.


Her outstanding work was acknowledged and praised in her teens by The United Nations, marking the utmost importance of her artistic contribution to the world. Television audiences will recognize Nadhege due to her recent appearances as a reoccurring co-star, on the SHOWTIME television series City On a Hill. Also, starring as lead, in her produced films appearing on major networks such as CBS, PBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX, only to mention a few.


As Seen In:

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Angry Jellow Bubbles

“… few performances stood above the rest.  Alexandre’s (Nadhege Ptah) struggle to overcome family expectations and pursue her dream is described poetically and with great verve.”


Paris Blues In Harlem

"I don’t understand how Ptah managed to capture so much emotion in just 15 minutes of the film, but that’s a true testament of her talent and why her short was featured on the PBS Online Film Festival.”


DoDo TiTi

“I first saw her short film Dodo Titi in 2016 and was impressed by the poignant way she told the story of a Black nanny who felt that her employers valued the family dog more than they did their significant human employee.”


Paris Blues In Harlem

“She personifies the New Harlem Renaissance, where the artist is intellectualist-humanist-community activist and the art is infused with purpose.”


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