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Nadhege is available to speak at

or facilitate your next event.


  • And Still I Rise - The Victorious Journey Through Life's Blows and Nos 

  • Would the Real Nadhege Please Stand Up - Branding From the Inside Out

  • I Ain't Your Super Shero - Destroying the Super Woman Image to Triumph in Life and Live a Balanced Life

  • Backward Blueprint - Mapping Life From the Dream to Right Now

  • Success Quest - Identify, Claim and Live Your Legacy

  • Paris Blues In Harlem - A Lesson On Black Legacy, Generational Wealth and Divide


In the Depths of Crowded Darkness, I Became the Light

My Path As An Actor/Filmmaker

Nadhege Ptah’s artistic destiny was decided in her mother’s womb. As she motioned in search of life’s cadences, it lead to a dim, twisted path. Destined to be a dancer, Nadhege cultivated her skills for choreography as a teen and earned the distinction of best dancer and choreographer, which lead to an invitation to present at the United Nations. At the pinnacle of her dance pursuit, her divine path altered by the hands of family, friends, and low self-image.  The pressures to submit to family’s expectation of becoming a doctor, her creative endeavors reversed towards earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology. Nadhege reached a significant crossroads of thick darkness while in graduate school and forced to shed the deception of self she was carving. The painful truth illuminated the gloomy phase and compelled her to follow her artistic passions as a creative light in motion.

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